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Morning Motivation

For years, Michael Whitehouse was looking for a podcast to start the day with. Not an interview or a long lesson. Just something short, quick, and inspiring to listen to first thing in the morning before he got out of bed.

He couldn’t find it, so he created it. Since 2020, Morning Motivation has been inspiring and motivating thousands of people to find their greatness and change the world.

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The Host

Michael Whitehouse

The Guy Who Knows a Guy

helping you know your greatness

Michael Whitehouse is a connector, event organizer, motivational speaker, and more.

Since he first moved to Groton, Connecticut in 2014 and become a local connector within a matter of months, Michael has been committed to helping people unleash the power of connections and network building to change their lives.

As a coach, he finds that we are never done learning, and the best answers are the ones we that find over and over.

Learn more about his work as a connector and his book here.

Learn about his flagship event JV Connect here.